A Wrinkle In Time - Summer 2010

This page documents the sound design that I did during the summer for 2010 for Oberlin Summer Theater Festival's production of A Wrinkle in Time. This was an original adaptation of the novel written by Madeline L'Engel.


The tesseracts are pivotal events in the plot in which the characters warp across the galaxy from planet to planet. They are meant to be incredibly disorienting and abstract, but also beautiful, magical and frightening. In each, there are fragments of both the place the characters have come from and the place they are going. Originally realized in 4-channels, all of the tesseract transitions included complex actor/scenery choreography and lighting effects.


The scene music shown here served not only as underscoring for dialog, but also as musical punctuation of events and as transitions within each scene. Because of the different roles the music played, there tended to be a rather dramatic difference in volume within each file. I have evened out the gain of the files to some extent in order to bring the quiet parts out, but I wanted to keep the general idea intact.

The length of these files is incredibly condensed. The scenes each took at least 10 minutes in the actual play except for the prologue which is of fixed length. As the timing of each transition within the scenes had to be flexible, that made it easy to create short versions of the scenes by stepping through my cue list in fairly rapid succession.

While many compositional processes and software applications were used to compose this sound score, everything was sequenced and played back using QLab software. My final QLab session contained 80 "sound cues" that were comprised of 448 "lines" of QLab elements including soundfiles, fades and folders.