RE_ - 2011


  • Ali McKeon - Dance and Choreography
  • Katherine Akemi Disenhof - Dance and Choreography
  • Hunter McCurry - Interactive Visuals
  • Chris Carlson - Music

Performance Notes

Throughout the process of developing this work, we found ourselves consistently using words containing the prefix "re-": react, reflect, rewind, recount, retrace, reflex, reverberate, etc. We came to realize that, by definition, the prefix "re-" attaches the theme of memory to nearly any word that it is paired with. Thus, we titled our project Re- to echo the work's multidimensional commentary on the theme of memory. We began by developing our components separately. Drawing from our own personal experiences, Ali and Katherine choreographed a combination of solos and duets which were put into a sequence, fragmented, and combined. Hunter began writing computer code to create a variety of projection effects that would harmonize with the choreography. These effects included images such as distorted home videos, still image capture, motion trails and digital distortion. In composing the music, Chris crafted a set of distinctive yet cohesive sound worlds that complemented the various section divisions within the piece.

Ali Katherine
photos © Al Ponce 2011

Technical Details

Performed on May 14, RE_ was generously funded by a Spark! Grant from the Stanford Arts Initiative (SiCA). A large part of our funds went towards all our equipment needs, although many items were borrowed from CCRMA. Our technical needs included two rear-projection screens, two projectors, two stage lights with gels to block visible light (and to pass infrared light), a camcorder with a filter to block visible light, and a laptop running custom video tracking and processing software created within the Field programming environment.