Sound Flinger - 2010

Sound Flinger is a device for haptic spatialization within a quadraphonic sound system. The idea is that you can physically feel as well as hear the location of sounds around a circular perimeter. Using four motorized faders, the sounds can be flung around the circle or caught, using intuitive gestures.

Download Sound Flinger NIME submission paper

Final Presentation Video

Device Documentation Video

The device was made as a final project for a course called Music 250a: Physical Interaction Design for Music, taken during the fall of 2010 at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), where I am currently a masters student. The other group members working on the project were Chris Carlson and Eli Marschner.

For the class, we were using the Beagleboard, which is a small computer chip running Linux. The resources to be able to SSH into the board and run Pure Data were developed by the class instructors Edgar Berdahl and Wendy Ju in a project called Satellite CCRMA. We were also using the Arduino microcontroller for input and output with our motorized faders.

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