Software & Game Design

LiquidScore - Winter 2012. An interactive music notation visualization system. The graphics are written in C++ with OpenGL, and audio is handled by MaxMSP. This project served as my final project for CS 248: Interactive Computer Graphics, and was one of the six finalists in the video game competition.
Texture World - Winter 2011. Location-based, social composition app for iPhone using FM Synthesis, GPS and gyroscope. Written as a final project for Music 256b: Mobile Music at CCRMA.
Piano Pong - Fall 2010. Ball and Paddle game using a piano keyboard as input controller. Programmed as a final project for Music 256a: Software Design and Implementation for Computer Music at CCRMA.
The Making of Semi-Conducted - 2010. Coding and composition project involving an experimental open-source software environment called Field.

Music Composition

Semi-Conducted - 2010. For flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and interactive video animation. Features a custom computer notation system.
Violin House - 2008. For violin and live Max/MSP audio processing.
Selected Electroacoustic Compositions - 2003 to 2011. Small sample of computer-generated "tape pieces".
Selected Instrumental Compositions - 2003 to 2011. Works for acoustic instruments.

Interactive Video for Dance

RE_ Spring - 2011. Interactive visuals for dance performance using infrared motion tracking.
Excursion Into Mixed Reality - 2009. For dancer, interactive video, and realtime audio synthesis.

Sound Design for Theater & Film

A Wrinkle In Time Summer - 2010. Full electronic sound score for Oberlin Summer Theater Festival's production of A Wrinkle in Time. Examples audio files include scene music, sound effects and elaborate choreographed transitions that occur during the "tesseracts".
One-Sided Fall - 2011. Short experimental film made as a collaboration with Stanford documentary film student Paul Donatelli.
Lights Flicker in Subterranea Spring - 2010. Dance video with original sound and music.


Pullcordion - Winter 2011. A mechanical sound sculpture built with dryer ducts and harmonica reeds. Constructed as a final project for CCRMA's Music 250b, a course co-taught this year by Trimpin.
Sound Flinger - Fall 2010. Device for Haptic Spatialization. Constructed as a final project for Music 250a: Physical Interaction Design for Music at CCRMA.
Chaos Generator - Fall 2010. Feedback device using a speaker cone and a piezo sensor. Constructed as a lab assignment for Music 250a: Physical Interaction Design for Music at CCRMA.