6/30/2012 - Graduated and New Job

Two weeks ago I graduated with my masters degree from Stanford! Since then I have packed up and driven back to Massachusetts for the summer. In one week I'll be heading out to Boston to start my summer job as an intern at The Echo Nest. They are a super awesome company and I can't wait to get started. Finally I'll get to put some of my hard-earned software programming and digital audio signal processing skills to use outside of an academic context!

4/4/2012 - LiquidScore Documentation Video

I'm excited to have finally finished the documentation video for LiquidScore, a work of computer graphics and music composition that served as my final project for Stanford's CS 248 - Interactive Computer Graphics during winter quarter, 2012. This project was one of six to be selected for the final round of the class video game competition.

LiquidScore combines my interests in video games, graphic notation, and music performance. Many of the concepts in it have grown directly out of ideas used in previous pieces, including Violin House, Excursion Into Mixed Reality, and Semi-Conducted. Please check out the full documentation page for many more details.

9/17/2011 - Two new Composition Pages

I recently realized that while this website documents many of my recent projects, it hasn't had very much of my music. Largely this is because many of my pieces are small in scale and don't necessarily deserve a whole page dedicated to each one. Therefore, I've created two new pages entitled Electroacoustic Compositions and Instrumental Compositions. Almost all of these pieces are rather old, but I figured it's time they finally had a place here.

4/23/2011 - New Project Pages

I have finally gotten around to adding documentation pages for two projects I made during winter quarter. The first is the Pullcordion, a sound sculpture made as my final project for Music 250b, and the second is Texture World, a location-based music composition iPhone app which was made jointly for Music 256b and Music 220b.

1/9/2011 - Finished Documentation for Fall Class Projects

I have put put three new pages under my Works Tab showing some projects I made during for my fall quarter classes at CCRMA. Sound Flinger is a device for haptic spatialization with a quadrophonic soundsystem. Chaos Generator is an instrument using physical feedback with a bouncing piezo sensor. Lastly, Piano Pong is a ball and paddle game that uses a piano keyboard as input controller and a unique music-theory-based position mapping.

11/23/2010 - The Making of Semi-Conducted (Documentation Page)

This page is been something I've been meaning to put up ever since last spring when I finished my Senior Recital. I consider this page to be just the very beginning of a larger project to put up and document many more elements of my work with the Field software environment, which has been created by OpenEnded Group. This page serves as a companion page to my Semi-Conducted page, and it should be of interest to anyone curious about how I composed Semi-Conducted, or anyone interested in video animation, coding, digital authoring environments, or intermedia composition.

11/20/2010 - CCRMA Musicircus Event

This past Thursday, CCRMA had its annual fall concert which took the form of various performances, installations, and concert pieces set up all over the building in different locations. The 'Musicircus' is a type of event first started by John Cage in which musicians, artists and performers all gather in the same location to perform their work simultaneously. If sounds, images and various unrelated elements happen to overlap, that is in fact considered a good thing. It was really a fun experience to set up my installation in one room and be able to wander around the building to take in all the different work that my fellow students are doing and have done.

I put up an installation version of my video and dance piece Excursion Into Mixed Reality. The piece has, until now, been strictly an interactive dance performance piece in which I've worked with a dancer to arrange choreography and movement ideas to correspond to section changes. I had gotten comments from audience members who had seen the performance that, "It looks like a lot of fun to play with!" The truth is that it can be a lot of fun to play with, and you don't necessarily have to be a trained dancer to get something meaningful out of it. After participants become moderately familiar with how the system works, they can begin to explore how their movements affect both sound and and video. Here are just a few quick clips of attendees having fun with the installation.

9/15/2010 - Summer Theater Overview

I realize it's been a while since I've added a post to this front page. In fact, it's been a while since I've done anything substantial to this site. However, I've had quite a busy few months, and now I'm just about to begin my school year here at Stanford. But before I jump to the present day, I'd like to say that I had a really fun and productive time working for the Oberlin Summer Theater Festival this summer. I was the sound designer / music director for three plays: Much Ado About Nothing, Our Town, and an original adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time. As far as my work was concerned, there could not have had three more different shows.

Our Town was mostly sound effects such as train whistles and chicken clucks, but there were several specific organ songs for the church scene for which I did my own recording session of a student playing on the Warner Concert Hall Organ.

Much Ado About Nothing included no pre-recorded sounds (so no computer)! In fact I arranged / composed all the transition and underscoring music for a "traditional" Italian ensemble of violin, guitar and accordion. The players ended up being two members of the cast (on violin and guitar) and me on accordion. This was quite a task, as I had never played the accordion before that summer. I was able to teach myself well enough to perform with it in under a month and a half.

Finally, for A Wrinkle In Time I ended up creating a very involved electronic sound score using 6-channel spatialization using the software QLab. The score included diegetic sound effects (like thunderstorms), "magical" underscoring, a series of very involved choreographed transitions that occurred during "tesseracts" in which the characters warp across vast distances of space, as well as the omnipresent pulsing of "It" towards the end of the show. I have put up audio recordings of the six tesseract transitions and all of the major scenes (they were originally multi-channel but I've bounced them to stereo).

6/05/2010 - Stanford

It's official: I'm going to Stanford next year for my masters. Faculty members at CCRMA have told me that I'll have a choice between doing the program in one year or two. Hopefully the university administration approves their plan to offer funding for the second year.

In the mean time, I'm staying here in Oberlin working as sound designer for the Oberlin Summer Theater Festival. Should be a lot of work, but also fun.

5/29/2010 - School is over. What's next?

Well, classes and exams are finally over, and in two days I'll get my diploma at Oberlin's Commencement Ceremony. During the past week, I've traveled to Stanford's CCRMA and McGill's Music Tech departments to check them out and make a final decision as to where I'll be heading next year. (I've been accepted at both.) I believe I'm very close to deciding, but things aren't official yet, so I won't post anything here at the moment.

Needless to say, the website has taken a back seat for a little while as I've been furiously finishing up coursework. However, I'm finally ready to get serious about putting up all my work from the past year. At the moment, I've got loads of raw documentation material that probably needs editing, rendering, mixing, and some descriptive text. This will be coming online gradually over the next month. For now, check out the screen-capture video my dress rehearsal performance of Semi-Conducted, and my performance of Excursion Into Mixed Reality at the Intermedia Festival.

5/13/2010 - Finally, I've decided to create the website!

After months of having this site simply say "Coming Soon" and directing people to my previous website and social media profile pages, I've decided to get serious about making the site. Partially, this is due to my impending graduation, but mainly it's because I've found myself loaded with new documentation from my senior recital, my trip to the Intermedia Festival, and various programming projects I've been working on this year. Really, I felt I needed something more professional than any of my previous websites. Hopefully this is it.

Of course there is plenty more work I need to do still, like actually uploading all those videos, audio files, and descriptive pages, but at least I've made a starting framework within which to do all that. Stay tuned...